Genesis Shelters

The “NEXT GENERATION” of Underground Shelter Systems

The Hardened Structures "Genesis" series was developed for military applications and due to high customer demand for an Underground Shelter System that surpasses technical specifications offered by current shelter manufacturers to TRULY mitigate a wide variety of potential threats and disasters, including 2012 scenarios, while maintaining a very high level of safety and security.

To meet market demand, Hardened Structures formed a special design and engineering team comprised of leaders in the field of Structural Engineering, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, EMP, Systems Engineering, and Architecture. This specialized team took over 6 months to design the NEXT GENERATION of Underground Shelter Systems called the "Genesis" series.

Living Pod + Dining Pod

The "Genesis" series represents the strongest, safest, best designed and built Underground Shelter System in the world. Features include:

  • 3 Bar blast overpressure protection
  • Multiple Seismic Events
  • 100% waterproof
  • Blast doors
  • Fully Protected against EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) and HEMP (High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse). Fiberglass shelters cannot offer EMP/HEMP protection, see more at the bottom of the page
  • 100% rust resistance (zinc anodes)
  • The best military grade NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) air filtration system available in the world (Temet)
  • Integrated emergency escape hatch

The Genesis Shelter System can be expanded to unlimited occupant loads and delivered and installed almost anywhere in the world. The "Genesis" series incorporates a modular approach .There are four main components to the Genesis series that can be purchased separately or combined together to form a Genesis community configuration:

  • Living Pods
  • Central Gathering/Dining Pods
  • Power Pods
  • Central Dome

These pictures provide a realistic view of the interior space of the “Genesis” units. Interiors can be easily re-designed to accommodate client specific requirements. The technical specifications will not change, only the interior layout.

Dome Expansion

The Genesis Living Pods can be added to the Genesis "Dome" - thus offering a very comfortable, spacious community accommodating between 50 to 150 people and can be connected in series to allow for an unlimited number or occupants. The Genesis Dome offers the very same technical specifications as the Genesis Pods to form a community that offers safety and security unparalleled by any other shelter product in the world.

By adding on an additional Dome and Living Pods, this community can easily grow to 500 to 1000 people for durations in excess of 8 years - offering a true 2012 structure built in 1/3 the time it would take for a custom design and construction. This benefit alone will make the Genesis Series the product of choice for the residential, commercial and military markets.

Stand Alone Dome - Overhead

Stand Alone Dome Overhead

Stand Alone Dome - Side View

Stand Alone Dome Side

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